March 21, 2011

Who Pays for Wedding Costs If The Wedding is Cancelled

Who Pays for Wedding Costs If The Wedding is Cancelled?

The cost of wedding is no joke, especially if it will be one of those grand weddings where a hundred or more guests are expected. Usually, in big weddings, couples prepare for the budget they have in mind. If the wedding is cancelled by anyone of them it is just normal that the one that caused the cancellation is charged, or forced to pay the cost. Sometimes, both split the cost if it is with mutual consent to cancel the event.

In the United Kingdom, there are insurance companies that offer wedding insurance coverage like Ecclesiastical, WeddingPlan, Wedding Dreamsaver Insurance, and Debenhams Wedding Insurance. When talking about wedding costs that will be covered by insurance, the premium can be split by the couple, or probably just one of them takes care of it. It does not really involve a huge sum, if the coverage will either be the basic Tier 1 of Ecclesiastical £19.00 or the Silver Plan for both Weddingplan at £24.00 and Debenhams Wedding Insurance at £39.00 for £5,000 of coverage. Essentials of Wedding Plan offers £19.99 for £2,500, and Dreamsaver covers £6,000 for a £24.00 premium.

Increasing cover of wedding insurance will naturally involve higher premiums. For the same amount of cover here are the premiums for each insurance outfit that covers the following:

Cover Premium Provider

£6,000 £24.00 Dreamsaver

£7,500 £34.10 Ecclesiastical

£9,000 £53.00 Debenhams

£10,000 £35.00; £39.99 Dreamsaver; Weddingplan

£15,000 £55.50 Ecclesiastical

£18,000 £90.00 Debenhams

£20,000 £69.99; £73.00 Weddingplan; Dreamsaver

£30,000 £89.99; £99.00; £129.39; £138.00 Weddingplan; Dreamsaver; Ecclesiastical; Debenhams

£50,000 £167.00; £174.99; £195.33 Dreamsaver; Weddingplan; Ecclesiastical

£70,000 £245.00 Debenhams

Couples to be wed should have a certain degree of trust and confidence in their partner. This would actually tell on the terms and conditions the extent of liability the partners would want the provider to cover. The less you trust your soon-to-be-spouse, the higher the cost will be on the premiums. It will be much less, if you fully trust and have confidence in your partner.

The average cost of a UK wedding is around £21,000.00, with this amount forecast to rise in the following years to come. You should take this into consideration when planning on the amount of wedding insurance needed.

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