Protect My Wedding

Protect My Wedding

It’s the most important day of your life – and the biggest investment you might ever make financially and emotionally. Everyone has heard the stories of a dream wedding gone awry leaving the bride and groom, or their parents with financial stress and heart ache because of a disaster nobody foresaw. Can you ensure that you will be protected against loss, illness, redundancy, turbulent weather and unexpected accidents leading up to your big day? Now you can with Wedding Insurance from is the UK’s premiere wedding insurance company, providing easy-to-understand, reliable coverage to protect you, your loved ones and your wedding day – and it’s all just a click away!

Financing a wedding can be as big an investment as purchasing a car or home, yet few people ever factor in the value of protection when planning their nuptials. Take the stress out of planning your wedding day by covering yourself in case of the unexpected. Protect My Wedding offers an extensive and inclusive range of coverage levels. With polices starting at £33.95, you can afford to give yourself the best wedding gift ever – peace of mind.

Don’t be left holding the bag – and the costly bill in the event that a wedding and/or reception are cancelled or require significant re-arranging. Protection is available to up to £50,000 to replace the cost of your cancelled wedding. This gives you the freedom to call off your wedding without fear in the case of unexpected family emergencies, or changed circumstances.

As romantic as a wedding is, it is also a legal occasion. This is why it is crucial to insure and protect all of the essential documents associated with your nuptials. If you are travelling abroad for a wedding, it is that much more important that your personal papers be protected.

You’ve done your research and read all the reviews, but even the highest rated wedding vendor can make a mistake. Don’t let a no-show supplier or a vendor who fails to fulfil their obligation leave you with unpaid expenses. Protect yourself against from vendor negligence for up to £8,000 worth of coverage.

Every aspect of your wedding is irreplaceable – ranging from your wedding gifts, to your priceless photography and video to the cars that transport you to your big moment. Damage or loss of these items can become a costly problem. Once you have found the dress of your dreams, don’t let it turn into a nightmare. Protect your Wedding and ceremonial attire starting at only £33.95 for £2,000 of replacement costs. Other offers available from will insure your attire for up to £5,000.

Determining the level of coverage you need for your wedding is the first step. makes it easy with their colour-coded coverage level system to suite weddings ranging from budgets of £7,500 to £50,000. Simply pick from silver, gold, ruby, emerald, or diamond, and mix and match according to your needs for each covered item and you are on your way to stress-free wedding planning. Policies can be purchased online, with no long forms to fill out and no long waiting periods. You will have the coverage you need immediately so you can get back to planning your future.

Get started to today and let them protect your wedding. Toast the peace of mind with a £40 Laithwaites wine voucher to all new Protect My Wedding customers!