August 10, 2011

The Best Man

What Makes the Best Man So Important on the Big Day

A wedding is an exciting event that celebrates the union of two people that love each other. It is also a time when a groom’s lifelong friendships are forsaken in favour of a new and exciting relationship with his better half. The relationship between the groom and the best man is one that should be honoured, and therefore a best man has a lot of responsibility and the distinct privilege of supporting the groom on that eventful day.
Traditionally, a best man is someone who has gained a lot of trust with the groom. A best man can be a best friend, relative, boss, or colleague. Choosing a best man has more to do with the bond between him and the groom than duration of their relationship or how they know each other. It should be someone who has been through thick and thin with the groom, including trials and tribulations in life that have drawn them closer. After all, a close bond is important if the best man is to be entrusted with a lot of responsibility.
The duties of the best man are numerous and he plays an important role in the development and organisation of the wedding. One of the roles is transporting all rings to the wedding ceremony and presenting the rings at the time of union. This can be a very delicate and sensitive operation, and will require patience and professionalism from the best man.

Other general responsibilities include overseeing the overall operation of the wedding. This includes organising the seating arrangements and making sure all the guests sign in. The best man also accompanies the groom to the wedding, and makes sure that they arrive at least twenty minutes early. Some other responsibilities include keeping the guests in a great mood and giving a great speech.

The wedding speech is perhaps one of the most memorable events of the wedding. A best man should be prepared to give a five to ten minute speech. A successful speech should be prepared days or weeks in advance and well rehearsed. Contents of the speech can be about a favourite childhood memory shared between himself and the groom, what makes the groom a great potential husband, or just words of encouragement to kick off the newlywed’s new life. Whatever the content, the speech should be heartfelt and congratulatory to the success of the new couple.

Aside from the bride and groom, the best man ideally should be the best dressed guest of the wedding venue. The best man traditionally wears a tuxedo jacket, a vest, white cotton shirt, and tie. However, some best men get away with wearing a traditional suit. All in all, a best man is there to represent the groom and it is important that he dresses to the nine.

The best man has proven in time to be very essential in the success of a wedding and should always feel honoured to play this important role. Judging from his many responsibilities, it is easy to see why a groom places emphasis on trust and honesty when choosing the best man.

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