Cover My Wedding

Cover My Wedding

A specialty insurance package, known as Wedding Insurance Policy, has clear parameters which provide financial protection for potential financial losses that may occur from unforeseen events during a wedding and its planning. Possible losses include theft of presents, postponement, damage to wedding attire, and loss of deposits. Coverage lasts during the preparation time before and including the day of the wedding. If the Bride or Groom has a change of mind, voluntarily decides getting married is not what they want, Cover My Wedding does not cover this contingency. wedding insurance plans have four different levels of coverage from up to £5,000, £10,000, £18,000 to £40,000 in the case of cancellation and up to 75% of wedding cost (£3,750, £7,500, £13,500 to £30,000). 2 Star Cover (£5,000) costs £18.99, 3 Star Cover (£10,000) costs £39.99, 4 Star Cover (£18,000) costs £79.00, and 5 Star Cover (£40,000) costs £139.00. In the event a wedding is cancelled, the cost of another wedding will be covered up to 75% of the cover level. The other types of losses covered by areas of potential loss or damage:

Additional expenses incurred from cancellation or postponement
Event photography
Special wedding attire
Special gifts and jewellery
Loss of deposits
Marquee cover with additional premium

A wedding insurance policy should be purchased as wedding costs are incurred with paying deposits for the caterer, florist, venue, and reception hall, but not earlier than 24 months prior to the wedding date. The wedding insurance policy covers weddings overseas, but personal liability is excluded for weddings in the United States.


If the Bride, Groom, or close relative is unable to attend the wedding due to an accident or illness, the cost of postponement is covered, too. In the event of inclement weather which prevents the Bride, Groom, and guests from attending the wedding and reception, Wedding reception insurance provides coverage if the wedding is postponed or relocated. During seven days prior to the wedding and within 24 hours after the wedding, wedding rings are covered if lost or stolen.

If the photographer does not show up, covers the cost of gathering the wedding party at a later date for taking wedding photographs. If the chauffeured vehicle is a no-show, make alternative arrangements and keep a record of costs to file a claim after the wedding.

If the attire of the Bride or Groom is damaged, lost, or stolen before the wedding, they are covered, UNLESS the loss or damage was due to leaving the attire in an unattended vehicle or area. Failure to report the loss invalidates a claim for loss.

To file a claim with Cover My Wedding, call Loss Adjusters Travellers Protection Services Ltd at 0845 218 1640 or print a claim form from their home page.

For peace of mind, CoverMyWedding offers a range of policies for weddings on a shoestring or on a platinum credit card. A policy can be purchased online at or by calling 0844 871 6184. Premiums are payable by cheque, Visa, Mastercard, or Switch/Solo at the time of arrangement.