November 16, 2011

Basic Wedding Insurance For Couples On A Limited Budget

Basic Wedding Insurance

You’ve invested both dreams and financial resources in planning a wedding day perfect to the last detail. Focusing completely on doing the little things right, however, may mean overlooking the big — and expensive — things that can go wrong. In today’s tight economic times, even the most basic, economically priced wedding insurance can be a lifesaver.

Available as early as two years in advance of your wedding date, these policies provide coverage in respect to postponement, cancellations or disruptions of your big day. Several UK companies offer basic wedding insurance for less than £25.00.

E&L Insurance

A one-off, £18.20 premium purchases E&L Insurance’s Band 1 wedding coverage protection for up to £3000 against a cancellation, £5000 for failure of suppliers, and £2 million for public liability. The policy also includes £3000 coverage for damage to the rings; cake; flowers and photos, video or DVD. The wedding attire and gifts are protected up to £4000, and the cars or transport up to £4500. Band 1 includes reimbursement of £400 for personal counselling fees for cancellation-related stress; £750 for damage to luggage, and £1000 for stationery. It covers the wedding documents for up to £1000, personal accidents to £8500, legal expenses to £6500 and personal liability to £1 million.


A single £18.49 premium purchases Weddingplan’s basic Bronze policy; their upgraded Silver policy is £24.99. Bronze coverage pays up to £2500 for a cancelled wedding and/or reception and up to £1250 for rearranging. Supplier non-performance or damage to wedding attire, rings, cake, flowers and the wedding party’s gifts are covered up to £1000. The policy also includes £750 reimbursement for failed photos or video and damage to gifts or wedding cars. Personal liability coverage is £1 million, and personal accident, £5000. Essential document indemnity protection is £125. Legal expenses are covered to £5000.

The Silver policy increases cancellation or rearrangement reimbursement to £5000 and £3500, and failure of supplier or wedding attire coverage to £2500. It provides an additional £500 in respect of car and transport or photo and video losses. Wedding gifts are covered up to £2000, and rings, cake, flowers and the attendants’ gifts, up to £1500. Personal liability, personal accident and essential document indemnity double, while legal expenses protection remains at £5000.’s £18.99, 2 Star policy reimburses couples up to £5000 for cancellation and as much as 75 percent of their original cost, with a £3750 cap, in case of rearranging. The bridal and wedding attire are covered up to £1500, as are wedding gifts. This policy also protects against £250 loss in vouchers and cash, and £1,500 loss for the flowers, cake, rings and attendant’s gifts. Coverage is up to £1250 each for photography and video, cars and transportation and supplier failure. The policy offers £10000 in personal accident and £2 million in personal liability protection.

Insure for You

Insure for You’s modestly priced, £19.99 Silver Insure for Wedding plan reimburses £5000 in respect of cancellation, and £2750 for rearrangement. Coverage for wedding attire; photography and video; and rings, flowers and gifts is £1500; supplier failure protection is £1000. The Silver policy also provides up to £5000 against legal expenses, as well as £10000 in personal accident and £2 million in personal liability protection

Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance

Dreamsaver’s £24.00 Silver policy offers a generous £6000 in respect of cancellation and £4500 for rearrangement. It reimburses up to £300 per wedding gift to a total of £3000, and up to £200 for cash and vouchers. The wedding attire, cake, flowers, attendants’ gifts and rings are protected up to £3000, with a cap of £500 each for the rings and gifts. Supplier failure; legal expenses; wedding cars and transport and photography and video are also covered to £3000. The policy provides £1,000 toward personal counselling following a cancellation, £5000 in respect of personal accident and £2 million in personal liability.

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