Ecclesiastical Wedding Insurance

Ecclesiastical Wedding insurance company is one of the UK’s premiere wedding insurance and financial services companies. The company offers the right wedding insurance cover at the perfect price. Headed by Dave Simms, manager, the company works hard to protect the bride and groom’s financial investment in their wedding. Should a supplier failure occur, or some problem arises with the wedding venue, Ecclesiastical is there to compensate. They cover everything from the rings to the wedding attire and the cake.

One of Ecclesiastical’s top claims is when a bride accidentally damages her wedding dress. The company can help make the situation right again, by doing whatever it takes by paying to have the dress repaired or even replaced, if necessary. Ecclesiastical wants each member of the wedding party to be confident and happy, and they work hard to assure this will be the case.

Ecclesiastical Wedding insurance company agents go that extra mile to take a personal interest in each client. They have superior expertise in financial matters and can give the bride and groom honest advice and protection for all of the important things that surround the wedding, the reception and beyond. They are a unique organisation in that they are a charity owned commercial business. Proceeds from insurance sales are used as charitable donations. They began insuring weddings back in 1998 and are now considered as one of the best wedding insurance companies in the UK.

A couple’s wedding day is one of the most important days of their lives. Given the ever-rising expenses with the continually-falling economy, it is more important than ever to protect the wedding couple’s assets during the actual wedding in the event that something goes wrong. The Ecclesiastical Wedding Insurance offers top tier policies, charging premiums of only £19 for £5000 of cancellation cover for the couple’s financial investment. If a barrister is needed for legal proceedings that result from or are related to the wedding, legal expenses are covered from up to £20,000.

Ecclesiastical Wedding insurance is not just for weddings that take place in the UK. It also covers overseas weddings and receptions. Ceremonial swords are covered under the attire. As an added benefit, a marquee cover can also be added to the policy.

The limit of cover for tier 1 coverage is £5000. Tier 2 coverage is £7500. The third tier of available coverage is £15,000, with the fourth tier limit being £30,000 and the final tier 5 limit of coverage is £50,000. Ecclesiastical allows insurance consumers to choose from five different tiers of insurance cover or to mix and match items within the tiers to meet their specific insurance needs.

Additionally the UK wedding insurance company offers ample coverage for stationary, flowers, gifts, video and photographs, as well as transportation of the bridal party. If wedding items are damage in transport or at the venue, they are, for the most part, covered. In the unfortunate event that something untoward should postpone or cause a cancellation of the wedding, in most cases Ecclesiastical will cover the expenses.

Most weddings are well organised and run smoothly. However, couples that choose Ecclesiastical Wedding insurance can rest assured that should something untoward occur, their insurance needs will be covered. Unexpected events do happen after all, whether because of some problem with the venue, prohibitive weather, accidents or other unfortunate events beyond the control of the bride and groom.