May 7, 2011

Do You Need Military Wedding Insurance?

Do You Need Military Wedding Insurance?

The military soldier you fell in love with has finally asked for your hand in marriage. You both have agreed on a date for this wonderful occasion. As you begin researching and collecting information to plan your wedding, you happen to stumble upon information that references military wedding insurance. Since you are about to marry one of the country’s finest heroes, you begin to wonder if military wedding insurance is something you need.

What is Military Wedding Insurance?

When you begin to plan your wedding, you will find you will have to pay deposits on almost anything you order for your special day. In addition, you will find that most agreements you sign will require you to pay a cancellation fee should your special day be cancelled for any reason. Military wedding insurance provides coverage that will cover cancellation fees and other expenses should your wedding be cancelled due to military deployment.

Military soldiers can be deployed at any time and with very little notice. Soldiers quite often miss important occasions due to unexpected deployment. Cancelling or postponing a wedding is costly. Many of the deposits you are required to pay up front are non-refundable. In addition, the cancellation fee tends to be quite high.

Which Insurance Companies Provide Military Wedding Insurance?

Finding military wedding insurance is a bit of the challenge. Insuring a military wedding is a high-risk venture. The rate of wedding cancellations for military personnel is high. Due to the high cancellation rate for military personnel the premiums for this type of insurance can be very expensive. However, a few companies do offer affordable rates.

Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance offers four affordable plans. The least expensive plan offers £6,000 cancellation coverage for £24.00. You will want to calculate your cancellation charges to determine how much cancellation coverage you will in the event you must cancel your way due to an unexpected military deployment.

Wedding Plan Insurance is another reputable company that offers affordable military wedding insurance. The rates Wedding Plan offers are comparable to the rates that Dreamsaver offers. The type of coverage you choose will depend on the cost of your wedding and the amount you will have to pay if you cancel the wedding.

Debenhams is a reputable insurance company that also offers military wedding insurance. However, the least expensive plan offered begins £39. The company is slightly more expensive than Dreamsaver and Wedding Plan.

These three companies are reputable and offer affordable rates for military wedding insurance. You can obtain a free quote from each of these companies. You can visit each company’s website and complete the online quote form. This will only take a few minutes and you will have three complete quotes. You can compare the coverage offered and the price of each plan. You will want to pay particular attention to the amount of cancellation coverage each company offers. You want to make sure you do not choose and excessive coverage amount. You do not want to pay for a coverage amount that you do not need.

Planning a wedding can be a stressful time. If you have a wedding planner or a friend that is experienced in planning weddings, you may want to inquire if he or she is familiar with military wedding insurance. If you know your military spouse is in a situation where there is little chance of deployment, you may want to consider carefully if you need military cancellation insurance. Otherwise, if there is a chance of deployment, you will want to buy the insurance. The world is a volatile place and we just cannot determine when military personnel will be deployed.

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