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Update for November 2011

Wedding Plan now feature even more policies to cater for every wedding type and peace of mind with insurance starting at only £18.49 for up to £2,500 cancellation cover and rising to an impressive £50,000 cover for £199.99. Full revised wedding insurance package details below with updated policy names;

Bronze – price £18.49 for up to £2500 cover.
Silver – price £24.99 for up to £5000 cover.
Gold – price £34.99 for up to £10000 cover.
Diamond – price £54.99 for up to £15000 cover.
Diamond plus – price £69.99 for up to £20000 cover.
Platinum – price £84.99 for up to £25000 cover.
Platinum plus – price £99.99 for up to £30000 cover.
Premier – price £149.99 for up to £35000 cover.
Premier plus – price £199.99 for up to £50000 cover.


Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and everything about that day should be perfect. Unfortunately, sometimes the unexpected can occur, even on this very special day. To help alleviate the worry of planning a wedding, and to provide security in case of a catastrophe on the wedding day, more and more couples are purchasing wedding insurance. Wedding Plan Insurance offers several different wedding insurance packages to protect you and your loved ones in case of the unexpected on your wedding day.

Insurance from covers a variety of mishaps. It can cover lost deposits to companies that go out of business before your wedding day, purchase a new wedding dress should yours become irreversibly damaged before you walk down the aisle, or even reschedule the entire event should you or your partner become ill on the day of the wedding. These are simply a few occasions when wedding insurance from Wedding Plan can prove helpful. More than anything, Wedding Plan insurance can provide peace of mind as you travel through the often stressful process of planning your wedding.

The company offers several levels of insurance to suit a wide variety of needs. Their least expensive package, the Essentials package, offers up to £2,500 of protection for the cancellation of the wedding. This Wedding Plan package also includes allocations for reimbursement for lost wedding rings, damaged photographs or video, and wedding attire and gifts. This insurance package starts at £19.99.

The next level of insurance offered is Silver, which provides up to £5,000 of cancellation coverage and costs £24.99. This package includes all the extra coverage offered by the Essentials package as well. The Gold Wedding Plan package costs £39.99 and provides £10,000 of cancellation coverage, in addition to increased coverage amounts for the wedding gifts, rings, attire, and transportation. The Platinum level provides all of these benefits plus £20,000 of cancellation coverage at the low price of £69.99.

The Diamond level insurance package provides £30,000 of cancellation cover for only £89.99. This package, like the others, includes protection for lost or damaged wedding rings and attire as well as personal liability, personal accident, and legal fees.

Finally,’s most thorough package costs £174.99 and offers £50,000 of wedding cancellation protection. The plan provides 2 million pounds of personal liability protection, £20,000 for legal expenses, £40,000 for personal accident coverage, and coverage for supplier mistakes, lost or damaged wedding attire or rings, and wedding transportation. Each of these plans includes upgrade options to cover the marquee, ceremonial swords and public liability.

Ultimately, there are few things in life more important than your wedding day. For your ease of mind, and for protection in case the unthinkable happens, you should consider purchasing a wedding insurance package. Wedding Plan Insurance is a trustworthy company that has been serving couples since 1992, providing the highest excellence in wedding insurance and customer service. You can speak with a representative from Wedding Plan to discuss your needs and insurance options. Consider purchasing insurance coverage from Wedding Plan and trusting them with your special day.