May 27, 2011

Hen Parties Fun For The Bride To Be

Hen Parties: Fun for the Bride-to-Be

Your wedding, or the wedding of a close friend, is just around the corner. Before saying those vows, it’s important to get out with the girls, spend a weekend or an evening partying and having an all around good time. Hen parties are called “bachelorette parties” in the United States and “stagette parties” in Canada. Whatever their name, the goal is the same: one final fling before tying the knot.

Planning a Hen Party: What It Is

A hen party, at its simplest, is a girl’s night out. It’s an opportunity for the girls to get together and have a great time before one of them gets married, with the intention of settling down afterwards.

When planning the party, consider what your friend enjoys. Does she like to drink? Does she like to dance? Maybe she enjoys a quiet evening? Will she sing her lungs out as long as its karaoke? You can plan a hen party around the bride-to-be that’s special and unique and truly embodies her interests.

Where to Go For a Hen Party

You can go to a bar for a hen party and have a crazy night of drinking, fun, sexiness and general irresponsibility. Other options include going out for dinner or simply staying at home. If you go out, pay for the bride. And if you stay in, light some candles, play some music and get some dancing in. You can also plan an afternoon of pampering, with a delightful massage and the full spa treatment. If you want to try something more unique, sign up for a class: horseback riding, belly dancing or pole dancing.

Don’t forget that while you don’t want completely humiliate the bride to be, you do want to make sure everyone knows who the bride is. Decorate her with sash. If you give gifts, which aren’t required, make it something fun and sexy for the wedding night or future encounters with her spouse, like lingerie.

Nothing is off-limits at a hen party. You can stay the night at a hotel, visit a city abroad or keep it local.

What to Do

Make sure to have activities set up and ready to go. These can be drinking games and for children’s games with a twist. Consider “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” using a poster of a man and some male genitalia. If you have an innocent bride, it might be time to prepare her for married life. Strip down to your underclothes, set up a waterslide and, in-between shots, slide down to land in a pool of water, creating a fun way for her to adjust the idea of being naked with her husband.

Don’t forget to provide food, especially if you’re choosing to stay in. Have a wide variety of food, including some with genital shapes, like cocktail wieners and cheese balls. Don’t forget the wine.

No two brides are the same. Their hen parties should reflect that. Whatever you do, have fun!

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