May 11, 2011

Civil Ceremony Insurance

Civil Ceremony Insurance

A wedding is usually one of the most expensive events in your life whether it is an elaborate traditional ceremony or a simple civil ceremony. It is a celebration that should bring joy and inspiration to all the guests. After planning every detail from the champagne to the gifts, the flowers to the mother of the bride, you need insurance to cover the expenditure in case of the cancellation or postponement of the event. Civil ceremony insurance will put your mind at ease as you continue making your plans.

Civil ceremonies have become more and more popular since 1992. In 2008, 67 percent of all wedding ceremonies were civil ceremonies. People are getting married in castles, country manor homes, the beach and public gardens and not having religious ceremonies as often as in the past. In fact, if the venue has a recognised wedding license and a registrar conducts the service, you can get married wherever you want. This makes civil ceremony insurance even more important because there are many more unforeseen circumstances that could occur. Bad weather could drive your wedding indoors at the last minute.

Insurance providers know all the possible problems that could arise and can help you create a customised package that will cover all contingencies for your unique ceremony. Included in most civil ceremony insurance packages is:

Personal accident
Personal liability
Extended public liability
Legal expenses

These are necessary for the safety of you and your guests. If anyone is hurt during your function or if by accident an employee of the venue or caterer is injured, you would have insurance against any claim they may make. If anything like this happens, civil ceremony insurance will pay for the legal expenses incurred, according to the amount specified in your policy.

Flowers, Rings and Cake
Wedding Gifts
Ceremonial attire

Your wedding gifts are precious to you and you will keep most of them all your life. If they are damaged by accident, fire of are stolen while they are in transit or on display at the wedding reception you will be paid the amount stipulated in your insurance policy. At least they can be replaced. This is also true for loss or damage to wedding rings, flowers, wedding cake and wedding attire. It can also cover any dry cleaning bills for rented clothing, or for removing a red wine stain on the wedding dress.

Supplier’s failure
Photography and video

Civil ceremony insurance will also cover your expenses in the case of cancellation of any of the services you have arranged including the use of the venue according to the stipulations in the policy. It would also cover the cancellation due to one of the parties or even their close relative falling ill near the ceremony date. Re-arranging the whole ceremony would be disastrous, but at least it would not ruin anyone financially if they were covered by civil ceremony insurance.

The reasons for cancellations may be many from closure of the venue or an outbreak of an infectious disease. The photography and video will be covered in the case of non-appearance of the professional photographer, loss or damage of film or digital media before it is printed or copies are made.

Policies also offer extra coverage for UK residents whose civil ceremonies are held overseas. Most companies offer four or five packages for a fixed price, but there are extras that can be added. The coverage is the same for each grade including cancellation, gifts, supplier failure and rings/flowers/cake, but the amount they cover differs. Prices start as low as 19 pounds for 5,000 pounds coverage and can go to 140 pounds for up to 40,000 pounds coverage. More than this is usually a customised package.

Some examples of extras that can be added to a policy are:

Increase the coverage of the largest policy
Raise public liability for guests to 2,000,000 pounds or more
Marquee coverage
Ceremonial Sword coverage

Wedding insurance will cover a church wedding or a civil ceremony and give peace of mind to everyone involved. There are insurance companies online that will give free quotes and have very low rates. They are highly competitive and offer discounts to people who buy online. Some of them have eligibility criteria. The wedding date should not be less than 21 days or more than two years away from the date of the policy, and the policyholder should be over 18 years and a resident of the UK are the main ones.

If your civil ceremony is deep in a forest and you are worried about the weather, or if it is on a cliff overlooking the ocean, you have nothing to worry about. Civil insurance will have a package that covers every possible problem, and your day will be as wonderful as you dreamed.

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