April 8, 2011

Wedding Insurance for UK Wedding Dresses

Wedding Insurance for UK Wedding Dresses

Planning a wedding is a stressful and costly avocation often undertaken by novices such as parents of the bride, brides and grooms to be, and others with well meaning intentions. Wedding planners have made a vocation of consulting and advocating the goods and services that are entailed in a wedding and reception. Wedding dresses are one of the most expensive parts of the event, primarily because they are usually worn once and then put into storage for progeny. Some brides opt for a short wedding dress that may be worn for future dates in the future. For the bride who wants the one of a kind wedding gown, prices range from less than £495 to tens of thousands of pounds, quite a bite out of the wedding budget. The costliness of a gown is one concern, but paramount to the event is the gown remains in top condition and spotless, fits as well on the day of the wedding as it did when purchased, arrives at the wedding destination with the bride, and possible wardrobe mishap during the wedding or reception are just a few of the catastrophes awaiting an expanse of spotless white satin and lace purchased with the intent to parade around a gathering of hundreds of friends and family. A wine stain inadvertently made during the best man’s toast or a baby nephew’s throw up is not something planned on, but then again it is, if the bride invested in insurance coverage for her wedding dress.

Damage to a wedding dress is among the top five types of claims covered by wedding insurance. Other types of claims include cancellation, caterer, venue, and photography problems. Often the wedding dress is one of the most expensive factors of a wedding and it is usually the first thing purchased, damage or fix ups are costly expenditures not in the wedding budget. Last minute repairs, stains, loss of gown when it does not arrive at destination wedding, or simply parts of the gown are missing are examples of some of the mishaps possible with a wedding dress alone. All these things could happen to the bridesmaids’ gowns, groom’s and his attendants’ apparel, too, exponentially adding to the cost of a wedding instantaneously.

There is hope for the additional financial burden damage to a wedding dress or apparel may cause. Reputable wedding insurance coverage includes wedding attire within certain financial limitations. WeddingInsure.co.uk, a wedding resource in the UK, has compiled a comparison chart of various wedding insurance providers, their coverage types, and costs according to coverage policies from £5,000 to £70,000. Wedding attire led the coverage amounts in all the different wedding insurance coverage of each company represented in the comparison. An excess up to £50 was the most charged by any insurer on wedding insurance, much less than even a simple repair charge for fixing an apparel problem minutes before the wedding. The least amount of coverage available on wedding attire is £1500 from Cover My Wedding (2 star policy priced at £18.99) and the most is £10000 from Debenhams (Platinum policy priced at £90.00), Wedding Plan (Diamond policy priced at £89.99), Dreamsaver (Diamond policy priced at £99.00), Cover My Wedding (5 star policy priced at £139.00) and E&L (Band 8 policy priced at £169.00). The coverage allowed for wedding attire was generally a third of the total coverage of a wedding insurance policy, with the least at £5000 and the most at £70000.

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