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American Express Wedding Insurance

American Express Wedding Insurance (UK) is owned and operated by American Express Insurance Services Europe, Limited. This insurance company understands how important a couple’s’ wedding is and the huge expenditures of time, energy and money that go into planning all the details. This company strives to eliminate the worries associated with any unexpected problems that may arise along the way, and works hard to expediently help couples should any arise.

American Express Wedding Insurance offers seven different levels of insurance coverage. Curtailment or cancellation cover is offered from £5000 to £75000 for any unforeseen circumstances that may arise before the wedding, and the company does not charge an excess fee should the couple find the need to file a claim.

It matters not whether the wedding takes place in London or Mombassa, American Express Wedding Insurance offers excellent coverage for weddings held all over the world. Coverage includes the reception as well. Marquee coverage is available as an additional option on every policy.

If the wedding needs to be postponed, cancelled or rearranged due to some unavoidable event or illness beyond the couple’s control, American Express will reimburse any and all irrecoverable expenses with regard to transportation, accommodations, catering, wedding attire, flowers or photography.

AMEX Wedding Insurance also provides Marquee coverage for fire, flood, accidental damage or flooding. Should the ring be lost, the cake damaged or the flowers wilt prior to the wedding, the company will cover all of these fundamental items so that the bride and groom need not worry about a thing. Additionally, in the event that one or more supplier goes out of business or fails to deliver as ordered, American Express will cover any costs surrounding hiring new suppliers or replacing items that may have been lost as a result.

Should the couple’s photographer neglect to show up for the ceremony, American Express Wedding Insurance will cover all costs related to replacing the photographer with a new one, or will cover the costs of taking photographs at a later date. If the photographs do not develop properly or the video fails to satisfy the couple, the insurance company will compensate the couple for its loss.

American Express Wedding Insurance adds a personal touch to their services. If planning the wedding becomes overwhelming, they will provide a confidential counselling service to offer relief from the stress that goes hand-in-hand with attending to all the wedding’s details.

While American Express Wedding Insurance does not cover the honeymoon, they do offer a traveller’s policy that does. AMEX agents are available to help couples decide on the perfect policy to cover any honeymoon need.

Coverage is available in seven different tiers, beginning at £42.40 for basic coverage to tier 7 coverage priced at £479.52. Each level of coverage offers additional services and American Express is forthcoming about all of their charges and services. This means that the couple is never presented with unwanted surprises. AMEX strives to be up front and honest about everything so the couple will know exactly what to expect.

They cover everything from cakes to cars and have the objective of making each couple’s wedding day as carefree as possible. The insurance covers the entire wedding party, including the bride, the groom, their parents or guardians and their male and female attendants.