May 8, 2011

Romantic British Wedding Venues and Trends

Romantic British Wedding Venues and Trends

Traditional British weddings can be traced back to the Middle Ages, with several customs rooted in folklore. One unusual belief aided unmarried women in finding a mate. The woman would sleep with a piece of wedding cake under a bed pillow to cause dreams of a future husband. Though the basic ceremony remains unchanged, for those able to afford it, this special day has recently evolved into an all-day affair, in light of the recent wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, bringing wedding trends back to the forefront of popularity. Yet, just because there is no noble or royal blood in the family does not mean one cannot have their own custom designed wedding within a set budget with all the dignity and elegance of British pomp and circumstance.

Today, thanks to the Marriage Act of 1994, more engaged couples are choosing civil ceremonies over traditional church weddings, which could cost upwards of between 16,000 and 18,500 pounds. England’s growing non-Christian populations can also account for this decline in traditional marriages. Couples can legally select venues from any of England’s licensed facilities in addition to churches or the Registrar’s office. British couples are open to a wide variety of wedding venue options, from elegant receptions in a traditional Hall, to a simple country house imbedded in the rural countryside, each guaranteed to make this day a wonderful memory for years to come. Others seeing the rising costs opt for a wedding ceremony and honeymoon package, which actually may be less expensive than other routes, including the flight to and from the wedding location. The downfall is that guests often have to pay for flight, food and hotel accommodations. Couples with less income can have a dignified civil ceremony at the Registrar’s office with a small reception and limited guests following the ceremony.

Imagine being delivered in a traditional horse-drawn carriage to a 17th century castle, where the man and the wedding of your dreams awaits. Routon Castle of Welshpool is centred on 17 remote acres of manicured grounds, boasting 19 spacious bedroom suites for weary guests. This castle offers both excellent gardens for outdoor ceremonies and lavish banquet halls for indoor ceremonies, plus photography and catering available for up to 150 guests.

Key Gardens offers premier choices for modern wedding ceremonies with lavish, elegant receptions and multiple selections for indoor or outdoor ceremonies. The Orangery and the Victorian Temperate House both offer grand, lavish receptions for up to 400 guests. The Cambridge Cottage House, once home to British royalty, is for smaller private receptions, up to 120 guests in simple elegance.

Located in downtown London, the Crown Plaza Hotel offers luxury for the modern bride and her wedding party, with spa treatments and limousine service for guests. The hotel has a courtyard with a fountain for outdoor photography, and exquisite private rooms reserved for ceremonies and receptions. The Trinity House, rebuilt in 1953 overlooks the Tower of London and seats 120 guests in upscale townhouse style.

Others seeking a dream wedding favour a seemingly unlikely source, golf courses. Yet, country clubs such as Burhill Golf Club, located close to the Thames River offer beautifully manicured gardens and affordable seating and catering for medium to large receptions in magnificent historic mansions.

Sporting venues, such as Chalfont Park or Shenely Cricket Centre, are also growing as popular venues. These offer traditional banquet facilities for guaranteed seating for exceptionally large receptions, often settled within the English countryside. Also included are areas for wedding ceremonies on the grounds. One can even marry on the terrace of Liberty Stadium or in one of its dressing rooms.

Museums offer another unique venue for refined bridal parties and guests. The London Art House and the London Canal Museum display delicate hand-painted murals as backgrounds for ceremonies and reception areas. These venues can only accommodate a limited number of guests, up to 200 people, but are perfect for those who wish for private small affairs.

The prudent couple, with some research and seeking can plan and create a unique wedding fitting their budget from a variety of venue choices, some traditional, others non traditional, but all encompassing a dedication to making the wedding day a most celebrated occasion and a memory to last a lifetime.

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