June 2, 2011

Stag Night / Stag Weekends

Stag Night / Stag Weekends (UK)

Stag nights are the final night for the groom-to-be to enjoy his days as a single man. The night may include nightclubs, strip clubs, private dances, private parties, casinos, bars and a host of other activities as well. Make the most of your final night as a bachelor and experience all that the United Kingdom has to provide.

In London, you and your male friends may receive VIP access to some of the hottest nightclubs. Nightclubs are excellent locations for stag parties. Men receive access to some of London’s finest females, bars with “top shelf” liquor and great music. Many clubs can make you and your male friends feel like stars in a VIP exclusive area.

What would a stag party be without London lap dancing? This seems to be standard protocol for men on their stag nights. Lap dances are like the ultimate test of faith to your fiancé. Just don’t succumb to your carnal desires.

If you would rather drive around the city and enjoy a private show in a luxury Hummer style, London stag parties can be hosted for an hour on the way to your next venue. These females will give full contact lap dances to fully nude dances. Complimentary champagne is often offered and additional drinks can be provided by your party or at request. These dances are offered all year round.

London casinos allow the boys to relieve some stress and maybe earn some cash for the honeymoon. Play some blackjack, poker or a little Russian roulette while enjoying the atmosphere and good vibes in the casino.

Casinos are not the only “clean” fun to have on a stag night. If naked women or gambling is not your idea of fun, then try a comedy club. You can have plenty of drinks, appetizers and enjoy some laughter with your boys. These are remarkable ways to have fun and enjoy all the finest that London has to offer.

Booze cruises are also a great way to spend a couple of days with the guys. These cruises usually last from one hour to three hours depending upon the charter company. Most of the cruises cease operation during the winter months. Each person may embark upon the cruise for £15.

Larger groups may receive a discount. The booze may be combined with tenpin bowling, lap dancing or clubbing. This is an excellent way to combine all of the events into one venue and control the people that participate in your final night of debauchery as a single man. Clients love these cruises as they are both relaxing and private as well.

Naked mud wrestling was also another major event that is fun for some guys. This event is offered in select locations in London. Bachelors seeking debauchery in the mud can view ladies in the buff and mud releasing aggression. Some men find this practice entertaining.

Regardless of the type of entertainment you are seeking, clients will enjoy the London nightlife for a memorable stag night that can be talked about for a lifetime.

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