November 26, 2011

Wedding Day Insurance Most Expensive Items by John Lewis

Wedding Day Insurance Most Expensive Items by John Lewis

John Lewis Insurance provides protection for a wedding’s biggest ticket items and essentials, like receptions, attire, the cake, photography, entertainment, floral arrangements and wedding rings. Prices for these details are incredibly high. Make sure to check with the reception hall and vendors beforehand to ensure that they’re not already offering some sort of wedding insurance that was included in the main price for services. And remember – the sooner you get wedding insurance, the better. Problems can rise up at any point in the wedding planning process, which can sometimes take upwards of a year. Ask John Lewis Insurance about any limitations when it comes to securing insurance, such as a time limit.

John Lewis have complied a handy top 10 most expensive items at a wedding with average prices as detailed below to show why getting cover is really a good idea when the average total wedding cost is around £11,505.


The average cost for a wedding reception is £4,000. Without reception space, there is no wedding, or at least no celebration. Wedding insurance will help protect a couple in the rare event that the reception space unexpectedly goes out of business before the big day.

Evening Reception

The average cost for an evening wedding reception is £1,700. Evening receptions can be beautiful, but colder-than-expected weather may make an outdoor evening reception unbearable. With wedding insurance, the couple can move the date of their wedding without having to spend an extra cent.

Groom’s Outfit

The average cost for the groom’s outfit is £200. Wedding insurance can protect against problems with attire in many ways. For example, if the big day is taking place at a far away locale, and the groom’s luggage is lost somewhere along the way, wedding insurance will help cover the expenses spend on the original tuxedo and whatever it costs to replace the tuxedo at the last minute.

Bride’s Outfit

The average cost for the bride’s outfit is £1,590. Wedding insurance will help the bride in the event that her gown gets ruined. For example, if the wedding dress gets torn, stained or burned on the wedding day, wedding insurance will help limit the cost of replacing the gown or veil.

Attendants’ Outfits

The average cost for the attendants’ outfits is a total of £575.

Wedding Rings

The average cost for both wedding rings is £630.


The average cost for a photographer is £905. Photography insurance can protect you in the event that your photographer doesn’t show up on the day of the wedding. Photographers typically need a payment in advance, or at least partial payment before the wedding. Some photographers may think that they can take that advance and skip out on their commitments. Wedding insurance helps the couple to not lose money in this type of event. Plus, insurance will also help out if the replacement photographer that’s hired last-minute charges much more than the original photographer charged.


The average cost for entertainment is £850. Entertainment insurance can provide protection in the event that the band, DJ or any other suppliers don’t show up.


The average cost for floral arrangements is £685.


The average cost for a cake is £370. The cost of a cake is sometimes included in the reception hall price and other times it’s separate. For example, if the cake was ordered through the reception hall, it will be included in the reception price and therefore protected under regular or evening reception insurance. However, if the cake was purchased directly by the couple from a bakery or specific baker, the couple may want extra insurance to cover issues with the cake.

Wedding insurance offers protection against unforeseen disasters that can, unfortunately, strike on the most important day of your life. The most unseen type of disaster is weather – unpredictable weather can ruin an otherwise perfect wedding day. Whether the wedding is cancelled last minute or the gifts are stolen from the bridal suite, wedding insurance can protect you in the worst of circumstances. Wedding insurance can protect both the bride and the groom, as well as any family members who contributed money for the wedding, against circumstances that are out of their control. Worst case scenarios include a last minute accident that prevents the bride, groom or a member of the immediate family from attending the wedding. Wedding insurance can help the couple reschedule the wedding day without losing money on the reception hall, decorations or vendors. Expenses incurred will be reimbursed so that the fallout isn’t too financially detrimental.

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