November 15, 2011

Premium Wedding Insurance

Premium Wedding Insurance

Weddings are expensive endeavours, but things can happen that require that people cancel their weddings through no fault of their own. When this has to occur, they lose a lot of the money that they paid to suppliers, for wedding dresses, the cake and the flowers. So much goes into a wedding that the most advantageous plan is to choose the premium plan that offers at least 30,000 pounds of cancellation cover. To save money, people can opt to purchase basic cover, but this may not cover the entire cost of everything. To ensure that they can receive most, if not all of the money back that they paid, they will need to purchase the most extensive cover.

E&L Wedding Insurance

The most cover that people can receive from E&L wedding insurance is from Band 8. It covers all areas associated with a wedding such as cancelling a wedding, any deposits that the couple paid, a sum of money for the tuxedos and the dresses, the photography, videos or DVDs and public liability. The only time that people have to pay excess when filing a claim for their wedding insurance with this company is after a liability or marquee claim has been filed and will only be 99 pounds.


Weddingplan offers less cover for wedding cancellation than E&L; with Wedding Plan, people will be able to purchase 30,000 pounds cover, but this may be enough for some couples. People cannot purchase as much liability cover with Weddingplan, but the premier plan gives them the opportunity to purchase optional cover that will give them a total of four million pounds of liability cover, while E&L only gives people the option of purchasing three million pounds.

Cover My Wedding has an added benefit for people. This company’s premier cover gives them the opportunity to purchase cover for “Failure of Suppliers.” They can purchase a maximum of 10,000 pounds for this cover. If this is not enough, they can even agree to increase their premiums and purchase an optional policy that will give them a maximum of 20,000 pounds cover for “Failure of Suppliers.” In order to qualify for this cover, the couple must have plans to be married in the UK.

When people purchase their wedding insurance from Insure For You, they will pay around 74.99 for the cover. It is very comparable to the cover people can purchase from Cover My Wedding, but Insure For You is charging much less than Cover My Wedding; Cover My Wedding charges 139.00 pounds for its wedding cover.

By purchasing the Diamond plan from Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance, the premium charged will be 99 pounds, unless people take advantage of the chance to add optional cover to their policies. They can purchase more public liability cover from Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance than they can from the other insurance companies. After purchasing the optional cover, they can have two million pounds more in liability cover than Cover My Wedding offers.

John Lewis Insurance

John Lewis Insurance has two different levels, Levels 5 and 6, where people can purchase the most extensive cover. For both of these levels, people will only pay 50 pounds for their excess. People can purchase as much insurance from Wedding Insurance, but Wedding Insurance does not charge any excess when people need to file a claim.

Debenhams Personal Finance

Debenhams Personal Finance offers the most cover possible in the event that the wedding is cancelled. Several of the insurance companies listed here offer a maximum of 50,000 pounds for wedding cancellation. In contrast, those who purchase their wedding insurance from Debenhams Personal Finance can purchase 70,000 pounds of cover.

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