April 12, 2011

Wedding Insurance For Wedding Rings

Wedding Insurance for Wedding Rings in the UK

Your wedding and engagement ring hold a large amount of value, not just monetarily but personally as well. These rings represent the union between you and your spouse. If your rings were to become lost, stolen or damaged, it would be heartbreaking, and it’s wonderful to have the peace of mind knowing that your precious wedding rings are insured.

There are many companies throughout the UK that will insure your wedding ring. If you’re looking for something really affordable, consider E and L Insurance. They recognise the importance of safeguarding your rings and offer protection at a very low cost, with premiums starting from under £20. They offer up to 2 years of comprehensive UK wedding insurance, no excess payments in the event of a claim and cover for those serving in the armed forces. They will cover rings up to £3,000 for the first ring, and their different plans go up to covering £10,000 for your wedding rings. Policy holders must be UK residents.

Debenham’s is another trustworthy insurance company that will insure your wedding rings. They recognise that with the excitement of your wedding, insuring your rings may be a low priority so they make the process extremely easy and hassle free, offering discounts to those who buy an online quote. Their prices start at just £39. Debenhams offer different levels of coverage. Their Silver Plan will cover rings up to £1,500, the Gold Plan covers rings up to £2,500, up to the Diamond Plus Plan which covers up to £6,000 and costs £245. Debenham’s policies can be purchased up to two years before the wedding date.

Cover My Wedding from Blue Insurances will also cover your wedding rings. They offer different levels of coverage. Two star coverage will cover your rings up to £1,500, three star up to £4,000, four star up to £5,000 and five star up to £10,000. Blue Insurances was established in 2003 and has been become a leader in the industry, with offices in London and Northern Ireland.

Wedding Plan Insurance offers protection for your wedding rings, in addition to your whole wedding reception. They have been providing insurance since 1992 and is staffed seven days a week by insurance agents who available to answer any questions you may have. Their Essentials plan is £19.99 and will cover wedding rings up to £750. The Silver Plan costs £24.99 and will cover rings up to £1,500. They offer six plans in all, the most extensive being their Premier Plan, which costs £174.99 and covers rings up to £15,000. It’s always possible to contact customer service to get an upgrade on your insurance plan, and coverage starts the moment that it’s paid for.

At Hitched.co.uk, your wedding rings will be covered according to different tiers. On Tier 2, your rings will be covered up to £3,000, on Tier 3, up to £5,000 will be covered, on Tier 4, the limit of coverage is £7,500 and on Tier 5, up to £15,000 will be covered. They also offer a mix and match type of coverage that will suit exactly what your needs may be.

Although insuring your wedding ring will come at a cost, it’s worth it to know that it will be protected. It’s important to get a detailed record of all of the features of your jewellery including the weight, stones and the type of metal. A photograph can also be useful in the event of a claim.

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