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John Lewis Wedding Insurance

UK residents are already familiar with the famous John Lewis chain of stores, which is famous for its slogan ”never knowingly undersold on quality, price or service.” However, many people are not yet aware that John Lewis also provides insurance coverage. Whether you are seeking pet insurance, life insurance or travel insurance, this company can meet your needs. One of the more popular types of insurance that John Lewis offers is wedding insurance.

There are a variety of reasons why couples choose to get wedding insurance. First of all, this type of insurance will cover the cancellation costs if the bride, groom or a close relative happens to get sick on the big day. While you might imagine that this type of occurrence is rare, the fact is that these types of situations occur all the time. When one of the key members of the wedding is unable to attend due to sickness, wedding insurance is quite necessary. After all, if a couple doesn’t have wedding insurance, not only is one of the most exciting days of their lives potentially ruined, but they can also lose a great deal of money due to cancellation and rescheduling. However, the good news is that when a couple has wedding insurance from John Lewis, the costs will be covered.

Aside from illness, wedding insurance can cover other things can go wrong at a wedding as well. For example, important items can get lost or damaged. There certainly has been more than one wedding that was ruined because the wedding ring itself was lost. John Lewis Wedding Insurance will offer protection if items like the wedding cake, flowers, rings, or wedding outfits are lost or stolen. Additionally, this type of insurance will cover photos in the case that they can’t be printed due to damage of the film or negatives. In this instance, John Lewis Insurance will pay the costs for the photographer to re-shoot the wedding party, as well as any accompanying charges. It is also possible to get wedding insurance that covers weddings that take place abroad, as well as the failure of suppliers to provide services that have been paid for in advance.

John Lewis Wedding Insurance offers six options of wedding coverage levels. The costs range from £10,000 to £50,000. It is important to keep track of how much you are spending to ensure that you thoroughly cover your wedding costs. All of the levels cover cancellation, wedding attire, re-arrangement, presents, rings, cake, flowers, photographs, supplier failure, transport, and wedding documents. However, the specific coverage level that a couple chooses should correspond to the amount of money they have spent on their wedding. For example, level 1 covers £2,500 of wedding attire coverage while level 6 covers £15,000 of wedding attire coverage. All wedding insurance packages at John Lewis do automatically cover up to £10,000 in legal expenses.

If you must cancel or postpone a wedding, John Lewis wedding insurance will provide you with a great deal of relief. It is important to take out your policy as soon as you have begun issuing payments for your wedding expenses. Through doing so, any deposits that you make for your wedding will be covered by your insurance.