Event Wedding Insurance

Who pays for wedding costs if a wedding is cancelled?, The cost of wedding is not trivial. When you take into account all the different components of a wedding, including the attire, photographer, cake, rings and more, the total budget can be pretty hefty. Tackling such a project should not be taken lightly, including the liability risk management. The average cost of a wedding in the UK, as of this writing, is about £21,000.00. With inflation increasing faster, this amount may dramatically rise in the following months, in line with other cost increases. You should take this into account when planning on the amount of coverage needed.

Larger weddings with over 100 guests, by their very nature, are going to be more expensive and more complicated. Usually, in big weddings, couples prepare by establishing their budget many months ahead of the event.

Because of the many months of preparation that go into planning a wedding, a lot can happen between the couple. There is no doubt that the added pressure of planning the event of their lives can increase the risk of separation.

If the wedding is cancelled by either of them, the expense can be enormous. Traditionally, the individual that caused the cancellation is responsible for paying for all the sunk costs. Sometimes, both split the cost, if the separation was done with mutual consent of each partner. Regardless of how the cancellation occurs, having adequate protection can prevent the couple from financial ruin. The staff at Event Insurance Services can provide you with the protection needed to stave off such a nightmare.

They offer event wedding insurance at events-insurance.co.uk. Premium start at £51.00 and increase, based on the amount of coverage needed for the event. Increasing coverage levels for wedding event insurance will naturally involve higher premiums. Listed below is a sampling of different cover premiums associated with different levels of cancellation coverage purchased.

Premium | Cover Level

£51.00 £5,000.00
£61.00 £8,000.00
£91.00 £15,000.00
£157.00 £30,000.00

There are also a la carte covers that the wedding organizers can purchase, which cover incremental items associated with the wedding and reception. Examples include wedding equipment, band, and DJ coverage. These additional covers start at £21.00.

The company backing the insurance plan is just as important as the coverage purchased. Wedding organisers have the security and peace of mind in knowing that Event Insurance Services is backed by the strength of AXA Insurance UK, Plc.

Clearly, there are coverage plans and customisation options to meet any size wedding and reception. When considering such insurance, look beyond the risk of one partner cancelling the event. Many events need to be postponed or cancelled because of acts beyond their control. Examples can include hurricanes, terrorism, labour strikes and many more. Having wedding insurance provides protection against events, which are beyond the control of the wedding couple.

The larger the event being planned, the greater the potential liability each spouse-to-be may be exposed to paying. For high profile weddings and weddings involving more than 100 guests, amounts exceeding £50,000 are not uncommon. For those couples that have a significant wealth and earnings difference, the need for insurance is even more acute.

Good insurance policies provide tremendous security for the unplanned or unexpected event that arises. Wedding cancellation insurance should not be viewed as something much different from that viewpoint. On the positive side, the insurance will only need to be purchased one time for most individuals.