April 21, 2011

Top Ten UK Wedding Insurance Claims

Top Ten UK Wedding Insurance Claims

Why Insurance Claims Are Filed Because of Weddings

The day has arrived, or is nearly around the corner. Everything is in place for the perfect wedding, but suddenly, the bride or groom gets cold feet and disappears. Nowhere to be found, the remaining partner must deal with the daunting chores of cancelling plans and filing insurance claims to hopefully recoup some of the money already invested in what was to be the wedding of all weddings.

On the other hand, the wedding day is here and all plans are in place; however, the photographer didn’t show, or the flowers that were supposed to be extravagant are less than presentable. What does a couple do to ensure that what they thought would be the perfect day, with thousands of pounds invested, is at the very least, a day that allows the proper insurance to take care of some of the losses?

Why Take Out Wedding Insurance?

In today’s economy, planning a wedding is just like planning for a new car or a new home. Couples must realise that, because of the expense, any problems that could arise around the event should be covered in the event they do not go as planned. Let’s face it, like purchasing a new home or car, weddings can run into thousands of pounds, and if something goes wrong from the floral arrangements, band entertainment, caterer, etc., there should be a way to get back any money previously invested should something go wrong.

Image a bride trying on her fabulous wedding dress for the very first time after several fittings and alterations. The dress that was supposed to be the perfect fit, suddenly is riddled with problems. It doesn’t fit properly around the waistline, the border that was supposed to be laden in lace is barely presentable as a jagged, uneven hem. The bride is in tears and the bridesmaids can offer little help, because their attire was not presented with the delivery as was pre-planned. The mother of the bride calls the company only to find they have gone out of business. Oh my!

The situation becomes stressful to say the least, because, suddenly, the perfect event is turning into one’s worst nightmare. Taking on a wedding insurance policy can make the best out of a terrible situation, because even if those ultimately important details (like the perfect dress) have been ruined, the financial responsibility of amending or replacing a key wedding element, should not fall upon the bride, groom or their families. With a major flaw covered by insurance, at the very least a couple can laugh the mistakes made off, knowing that financially, the cost of the error will be taken care of.

Top Reasons to Carry Wedding Insurance

As noted, there is always a chance that a wedding may be cancelled and the costs involved can be overwhelming. Illness, death, or failure to deliver supplies are common reasons to call off a wedding, and wedding insurance should cover any expenses previously invested. Obviously, the more expenses incurred, the more a couple should invest in cover.

Suppliers often times make sure that deliveries for weddings are on time and presented in a way that meets the wishes of the bride in groom. In some cases, however, the supplier simply fails to deliver, and the only recourse is to file a claim for anything that was promised by not delivered like a cake, driver, photographer, etc.

A damaged wedding dress is quite seriously a disaster for any bride, but with the proper insurance cover, a bride may feel a bit more at ease knowing that even though she may have to walk down the aisle in a make do gown, at the very least the expense put out for the dress will ultimately be made up for.

If a photographer delivers less than promised, and produces a packages that is much less than expected, with the proper insurance cover for photographs a couple can recover some of the memories either through demanding that photos be retaken or by spending the recouped loss on honeymoon photos, which ultimately might lead to happier faces on the bride and groom.

The wedding venue can also lead to problems as far as the quality of the food served or the service itself. An ideal wedding insurance policy will cover any mishaps that could occur because of a venue problem, whether it be lack of service, cancellation of services or problems with services in general.

Other reasons for having wedding insurance can include the not so obvious, but unfortunate situations like loss or theft of wedding rings, limousines or other transportation failing to show for the ceremony, property damages or public liability issues, wedding gifts and/or money cards lost or stolen, and cancellation due to double booking of a wedding reception.

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