UK Wedding Insurance

Wedding Insurance in the UK

When preparing for her wedding, every girl wants the big day to go exactly to plan. But there are so many services and suppliers to coordinate, dresses to buy and tuxedos to hire, parents and inebriated party guests that it’s almost impossible to make the day go perfectly. And should absolute disaster strike, at least the bride’s financial investments can be recouped; but, only if she got her wedding insured.

Wedding insurance has been popular since the early 2000s, when wedding prices began to climb sky high. Marks and Spencer Financial Services established one of the first plans in 2002 and were soon processing 75 to 100 applicants a month. As other insurance firms have entered into the foray, coverage has improved and cost decreased. All the while, the amount of time and money being spent on weddings has risen dramatically. Today, almost anything relating to the wedding can be insured.

Some things to consider before buying wedding insurance are the number of things that need to be covered:

*service providers
*wedding attire

Almost all wedding insurers offer packages that cover these things as a basic. There are additional coverage’s available as well, and they aren’t as expensive as one might think. offers a side-by-side comparison of available plans, costs, and coverage of wedding insurance. Some are very basic, but there are those that cater to the over-the-top bride as well., for example, offers premiums as low as £19 and covers £5,000 if the event is cancelled. Dream Saver Wedding Insurance offers a number of options, from their silver to their diamond plan- which covers cancellation up to £30,000. Weddingplan offers up to £50,000 in the event of cancellation. At least if anybody gets cold feet, some of the costs can be reimbursed.

But wedding insurance doesn’t only cover cancellations. Dresses, whether stained, torn, or missing altogether can be insured as well. Premium insurers will pay up to £15,000 to cover wedding attire. Or, for those on a budget, £20 can pay out £1,000 for a ruined dress or ripped tuxedo trousers. Service providers, like caterers and photographers, often require deposits before their service is rendered. If something goes wrong before the big day, these deposits are often non-refundable. For a big spender, a failure of suppliers of up to £10,000 can be included in a plan with a £69.99 premium. Gifts, rings, flowers and transport are covered in all plans, from the ones targeting a bargain bride to those aiming for a lavish one.

Other things to consider insuring are often optional on policies. The venue, should it be damaged by overly-rowdy reception guests, can often be insured for up to £2 million at very little additional cost. Legal liability is another option, should anyone become injured as a result of your event. Personal liability can also be insured for up to £2 million, as can public liability. Public accidents and legal expenses are also covered, some up to £40,000 These are usually very affordable additions to your insurance plans.

Sites like and offer plans by coverage level. Each option can be viewed side-by-side, with prices running anywhere from £19.99 for an “Essentials” plan to £277.76 for a Level 6 Premium plan. Here’s what they both cover:

“The Essentials” (Wedding Plan Insurance, £19.99 without options)
* £2,500 for cancellation
* £1,250 for rearrangement or rescheduling
* £750 for failure of suppliers
* £1,000 for wedding attire
* £1,000 for gifts
* £750 for rings, flowers, and cake
* £750 for wedding cars and transport
* £750 for photos and video
* £1m for personal liability
* £5000 for personal accident
* £5000 for legal expenses
* £20,000 for optional Marquee cover (additional £49)
* £2m for optional public liability (additional £19)

The “Level 6 Premium Cover” (John Lewis Insurance, £277.67)
* £50,000 for cancellation
* £15,000 for wedding attire
* £37,500 for rearrangement or rescheduling
* £12,500 for gifts
* £12,500 for rings
* £5,000 for cake
* £6,000 for flowers
* £7,500 for photos and video
* £25,000 for failure of suppliers
* £5,000 for transport
* £10,000 for legal expenses
* £5,000 for wedding stationery
* £5m for public liability

These are two extreme examples, but they show that wedding insurance can be done on almost any budget and can cover even the most extravagant expenses. Brides and Grooms who want a big, elaborate wedding should seriously consider purchasing wedding insurance. But couples with small budgets and small weddings may not need the coverage, even if it is only £20. Each couple is different. So is each wedding. And large or small, outlandish or conservative, pricey or cheap, insurance should always be considered during the wedding planning phase. Then the couple can relax on the big day: because even if something goes horribly wrong, at least they know they’re insured.